Research and consultancy

Knowledge is meaningful when it becomes practical wisdom. Learning by doing, together with managers, policy makers, professionals and clients. Because two know more than one, and because exchange creates synergy and results. Not always nice and comfortable, but always informative and effective. In this way we developed a theory and we can help find practical solutions.

What are the results of our approach? For whom does it work and for whom it does not? How can we optimize our services? What is our level of professionalism and how can we improve? How can we create a cost-effective approach?

The combination of research, strategy, policy, delivery, results and clients' experiences we regard as our specialty, both academically and practically. Academic research, policy infomation, evaluation research, action research or action learning; it has to be useful in practice, which is why we also do a lot of method development. Our research is based on a scientific theory of effective social policies and we have over 25 years of experience. Our page with links and references shows examples. 

Structure, but no blueprint. We developed a quick scan with which we can make an analysis of successes and room for improvement. Based on this we make recommendations for researching together, doing together, learning and systematically improving together. Because innovation requires abstract knowledge as well as ownership, using people’s talents and strengths, practical wisdom and feasibility, vision, commitment and control. Of course we can make a policy plan for this, and guide people and groups. In our research, advice, facilitation and guidance we always look at impact. To positive results as well as unintended consequences. To the nature of a problem in relation to the nature of solutions. Connecting with the people whom it concerns.