Training and intervision

We believe in learning and developing. In working smarter. Improving yourself and your organisation. If there is space to develop, learning together leads to energy and results. Often more than external consultants can bring. We also believe in learning in and from practice. Combinations of training, intervision and action plans. Of knowledge, skills and the ability to shift between basic attitudes. Both in and outside of one’s comfortzone (but not too far outside) in a secure and playful surrounding. We believe in competences, not tricks.

In our training we use models and research-informed readers with background information that we developed in large part ourselves. We are not secretive about this. A lot of what we develop can be found on the internet or in books. Our method books have found their way into professional education and have been translated into four languages. We want our material to be used, because we think it will make the world a better place. Our added value is that this material to us is lived experience, not a trick. We understand it, and love to pass it on. The toolkit we use encompasses all process phases, many original models and work forms.

A lot of what is needed, already exists. In some forgotten box in your head, among your colleagues or in your network, or in a folder with search results on your computer. We do not need to re-invent the wheel, just make it round so it turns well. And sometimes add an extra wheel for more stability. In order to tailor our training to needs of participants and organisations, we like to link it to intervision. Things that participants experience as urgent in their daily practice, and that may be a good entrance into the material, we prioritise. Intervision can also perpetuate training results and help to anchor these in daily practice. We developed our own form of intervision (see also 'learning from each other').

Our services:

  • Certified post-graduate course “Effective Interventions for Young People” with InHolland Academy
  • Training course for professionals in social services with Divosa (Dutch association of leaders of public social services)

Training and workshops made to measure. We have an introductory workshop with an actor on the Subjectively Logical Intervention Model.