Enabling social participation

Inclusivate wants to help people fly, build homes, take care of others, raise children, participate, feel connected and be important. Especially those who do not manage themselves or who are facing difficult times. Or who find solutions that make things worse for themselves or for others. We help people achieve what they actually want and can do.

Most of all we help organizations and professionals working in all kinds of social services to do this. WIth action research, policy and organizational advice, project leadership, coaching, training and intervision, and (international) exchange. Making a differences requires focus, working as a team and doing the right things. For this we developed a theory, with instruments and methods. That is our mission and our toolbox.

Results: together with universities and local administrations in ten European countries we participated in a three-year research program on social innovation and effective interventions, from which we eventually developed our theory on effective interventions. The method we developed is recommended by Divosa (Dutch association of leaders of social services) for professionals working with young people, but can be used for all social services. For the Dutch ministry of justice we developed a method to help vulnerable young people involved in high impact crimes find a job. In the city of Rotterdam our theory is a guide for policy development. With InHolland, a university for applied sciences, we offer a post-graduate course for professionals. With the city of Zoetermeer we developed a new, effective approach for people with a distance to the labour market. In Norway we introduced an intervision method for leaders of social services that went from pilot phase to roll out in half a year. We organise a multi-year exchange between municipalities in Norway and the Netherlands aimed at improving social services.